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15 days
High School Credit Option
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Aug 7 - Aug 25, 2017



Outward Bound Canada Discovery courses are designed to help you discover something new about yourself. This cross-cultural program will connect Indigenous and non-Indigenous students from across the Greater Toronto Area. Through expeditionary learning the students will develop an understanding of the culture of Northern Ontario and a mutual respect for one another and the land. In addition, our Discovery courses will give you leadership training and the confidence to achieve even more in your life at home. You will learn how to work effectively with a group, how to feel empowered in your interactions with others, how to be a fair and powerful leader, and how to approach uncertain or intense situations responsibly – whether the circumstances are physically, mentally, or emotionally difficult. In one word, we will teach you “resilience”, and you will return ready to take on whatever awaits you in your life – no matter how daunting it may have seemed before. Everyone takes away something inspiring and personal – whether it’s noticing a new talent or skill, finding a great friend, realizing your own strengths, or making peace with something you have been struggling with.


This interdisciplinary program connects three unique elements: Outward Bound Canada’s proven record in delivering high school credits through outdoor education, access to the works of celebrated Canadian author Joseph Boyden, the vast wilderness area of lakes and rivers in Temagami, Ontario.

This program aims to unite both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students by promoting better cultural awareness and deepening connections between Canadian youth. Students will leave the program with a greater connection to themselves, to the land, and to each other.

The preliminary five days of the course are spent at the Evergreen Brickworks where the foundation for the course will be set. Students will get to know each other, develop as a team, and understand the course expectations. During this portion of the course the students will develop their outdoor skills through an overnight journey to Toronto Island.

Students will then travel to Temagami, ON by bus where they will embark on an expedition across these traditional hunting and trapping grounds. Temagami is filled with old growth forests and abundant with lakes and rivers to explore. Students may learn fishing and trapping, storytelling, map reading and more. Students will then travel back to Toronto by bus.

After returning to Toronto the students will continue the course at the Brickworks for the final three days of the course. During this time the students will complete all components of the course, including developing a presentation about their experience.

Grade 12 Interdisciplinary Studies Credit: This course can be taken as a University Preparatory Credit (IDC4U) or Open (IDC40) Curriculum Strands: Contemporary Aboriginal Voices, Healthy Active Living, and Writer’s Craft.

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