WEST COAST INDIGENOUS LEADERSHIP - Outward Bound Canada Outward Bound Canada
Clayoquot Sound, VANCOUVER ISLAND, Nuu-chah-nulth Territory
16 > 19
25 days
High school credit option
Jul 17 - Aug 10, 2019


More than any other course, Outward Bound Canada’s Leadership courses offer intensive leadership training for older teens.  Our goal is for you to return home ready to take an up-front role in your school, amongst your peers or within your neighbourhood and surrounding community. This course teaches advanced leadership practices, giving you a new perspective on your ability to take on a global mission and leave your mark on the world at large.

Leadership courses offer greater physical challenges so you can reap the ultimate rewards. Your mental and physical endurance will be tested, helping you accept your limits and recognize how your attitude affects your performance.  Furthermore, you will be expected to share leadership of the group, taking ownership of your group’s consequences and outcomes and learning how to appropriately delegate roles and accept support so that, as you grow and excel, so does your team, ensuring the entire group achieves outstanding success.


Your journey begins in the beautiful Comox Valley where you will meet your group and prepare for the expedition ahead. From there, you'll take to the water in the perfect vessel for exploring and discovering the coves, natural harbours, and islands in and around Clayoquot Sound - a canoe. Clayoquot Sound, declared by UNESCO a biosphere reserve, is a maze of small old-growth cedar covered islands and protected inlets, rocky reefs, sandy beaches, deep fjords and natural hot springs. You’ll travel in canoes learning and mastering many ocean travel skills: paddling techniques, ocean navigation using nautical charts and tide tables, and safety and rescue skills. 

No prior hiking or canoeing experience is needed. You will become competent ocean canoeist and hiker on the course, learning many valuable wilderness skills including minimal impact camping, map and compass navigation, knots, emergency procedures for ocean travel and how to cook over a campfire. Course work for your high school credit will be done through these activities, group discussions and analysis, and daily journal reflections. This journey also includes a 48-hour solo experience where you will prove your skills while being supervised (from a distance!) by our experienced instructional team.  Often described as the most transformative part of the experience, your solo will give you the chance to reflect on earlier conversations from the expedition, absorb important realizations about yourself, and leave behind anything that will no longer serve you going forward.

To learn how fit you need to be for an Outward Bound Canada course, click here. To learn more about our high school credit click here. This course qualifies as a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Bronze or Silver Adventurous Journey (including preliminary training, practice and qualifying journey) as well as the Gold Adventurous Journey, or Gold Residential Project. For more info visit the Duke of Ed website here.


Funding for the Indigenous Youth and Adult Program is offered thanks to the generous support of individual donors, corporations and a number of dedicated foundations, providing sustainable, long term funding for the growth of Indigenous programming at Outward Bound Canada. Please see the Indigenous Programs page for more information.