WEST COAST ODYSSEY - Outward Bound Canada Outward Bound Canada
Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island
14 days
Adult Course
3,989 + tax
Aug 13 - Aug 26, 2018
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An odyssey is defined as an epic journey, making it the perfect descriptor for our unforgettable 14-day Outward Bound adventure along Canada’s West Coast. The West Coast Odyssey offers an extended opportunity to get out and look in, to unplug and unwind, and to leave behind the stresses of daily life. On your Odyssey, you will immerse yourself wholly into a new experience in the natural world that is both restorative and empowering. As you explore one of the world’s most breathtaking seascapes, you’ll take on challenges of both the body and the mind, allowing you to not only explore the unforgettable physical environment around you, but to also explore yourself along the way. Take on the adventure of a lifetime and let our West Coast Odyssey help to show you that “there is more in you than you know.” 


Your journey will begin when you meet your group and instructors and begin preparing for your 14-day nautical exploration of the beautiful wilderness and clear blue waters of Vancouver Island’s Clayoquot Sound. Your group will learn the skill of sea kayaking, exploring and discovering the coves, natural harbours, and islands in and around Clayoquot Sound. You will also hike through Vancouver Island’s largest intact ancient rainforest, one of the ecological treasures of Clayoquot Sound and the traditional territory of the culturally and historically rich Nuu-chah-nulth, and will take some time to relax with a visit to the treasured Ahousat Hot Springs (sure to be a treasured highlight of your Odyssey experience).

The West Coast Odyssey is designed for adults with or without prior camping or kayaking experience. Together, you and your group will learn paddling techniques, ocean navigation using nautical charts and tide tables, safety and rescue skills, packing skills, trail cooking and meal prep, and minimal-impact camping. Activities and interactions will provide opportunities to build leadership, communication and decision making skills. The West Coast Odyssey also includes a 24- to 48-hour solo experience, during which you will be able to confidently use your new skills while being supervised (from a distance!) by our experienced instructional team. Often described as the most unforgettable and transformative aspect of the Outward Bound experience, your solo will provide you with a rare opportunity for immersion and reflection, allowing you to reconnect with both nature and yourself in an unprecedented way that few others are afforded.

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