HAMILTON URBAN EXPEDITION - Outward Bound Canada Outward Bound Canada
Hamilton, Ontario
15 > 18
5 days
Duke of Edinburgh's Award Option
779 + tax
Aug 12 - Aug 16, 2019
(AGES 12 - 15)
This course has run for this year.



Outward Bound Canada’s Urban Expeditions are designed to introduce you to new adventures in the outdoors and start you on an inspiring journey that will introduce you to all that you are capable of.   These short, overnight urban-based expeditions will not only teach you the basics of camp craft and how to take on expeditions in the wilderness, you will also have the opportunity to explore who you are, face your fears, and try new and exciting activities that you may not have expected you’d have the courage to try.  As a result, you will start to realize how your thinking, decisions and actions affect the outcomes you experience, your life, as well as your relationships.  The journey may only last one week, but you will return more confident, resilient, motivated and ready to take on the responsibilities that lie ahead of you.


Your expedition begins when you meet up with your group and set out for 4 nights of camping at various Hamilton-area campsites.  From there, you will explore parts of the city and the surrounding area that you may not have realized existed.  From the very beginning of your trip, you will learn the basics of hiking, setting up camp and trip planning.  As your journey progresses, you'll begin to learn how to paddle a canoe, taking to some of the most beautiful waterways the region has to offer.

Open to youth of any fitness or experience level, this course will teach the foundations of hiking, canoeing, high ropes climbing, rock climbing, belaying, minimal impact camping, packing for hiking expeditions, fire-building, navigation and orienteering, and wilderness safety. By the end of the course, you will have a unique perspective on your city and all the skills needed to continue pursuing adventures in the city and in the wilderness beyond it. 

This course qualifies as a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Bronze or Silver Level Adventurous Journey (including preliminary training, practice and qualifying journey) as well as the Gold Level Residential Project. For more info visit the Duke of Ed website here.


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