14 days
Outdoor/Experiential Ed Training
Jun 7 - Jun 20, 2017
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The Outward Bound Canada Instructor Development Program is designed to give you a high-quality immersion into the Outward Bound process. This is the most rugged of any course: you will be challenged mentally, physically and emotionally so that you may advance your own skills in order to come away as a more confident outdoor educator. Furthermore, this immersion into the Outward Bound teaching model will educate you on how to coach students, meet them where they are at, manage risks, and challenge them where needed – so that your students will emerge from their courses as more resilient, self-reliant and compassionate people.


Your journey will begin when you meet your group at the Coast Hotel in Canmore, Alberta. From there, you will be transported to the Ya-Ha-Tinda, an area of the Canadian Rockies covering 3,945 hectares and running 27 km along the north bank of the Red Deer River.  On this course, more than on any other, we will be sticking to the more rugged hiking terrain, ensuring you learn within circumstances that are likely to be more challenging than anything your students will face.  However, the more rugged the terrain, the more beautiful the mountains become, giving you a first-hand look at some of Canada’s most breath-taking landscapes.   

No Outward Bound course is a guided trip; it is always an immersive experience led by you and your group. For prospective instructors the emphasis is about teaching you to lead a group.  On this course, you will learn three distinct skill-sets: technical skills, focusing on developing the foundational competencies needed to be a professional outdoor leader; people skills, focusing on developing core facilitation, educational, communication and processing skills; and personal development skills, focusing on cultivating the personal qualities, attributes and state of being that are the real foundation upon which all other skills rest.  Furthermore, your course also includes a 48-hour solo experience, where you will put your new-found skills into practice and have the space to reflect on earlier conversations from the course, absorb important realizations about yourself, and leave behind anything that will no longer serve you going forward. Finally, those who successfully complete the course are eligible to apply for a summer internship with the Outward Bound Canada Rocky Mountain School. Internship applications are not mandatory. If you are interested in an internship with us, please the internship section below.

To apply for this program, please fill in the online application by clicking next to the course dates at the top of this page, and email a current CV and a brief cover letter that describes your personal goals and rationale for taking the program to

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Internships are designed to allow you to continue your learning from your program and get practical experience leading alongside our seasoned instructors. If chosen for an Internship, you would be assigned to one of our summer wilderness programs which take place July and August and are generally between 20 and 24 days in length.


Outward Bound Canada is a not-for-profit, charitable, educational organization.  Our goal is to increase Canadians’ ability to access Outward Bound Canada’s life-changing programs.   In order to support this goal, Outward Bound Canada offers a bursary program designed for families who need assistance paying course fees.  If you require funding please fill out a bursary application and submit it to the listed contact here.  We cannot fund every applicant and we do assess applications based on need. Alternately, if you would like to fundraise for your course on your own, you can download a course fundraising package here.

DID YOU KNOW? The tuition you pay when registering for an Outward Bound Canada course helps support our charitable programs, including our Veterans, Women of Courage, Aboriginal Community and Youth-At-Risk Programs. While every little bit helps, these programs rely on the generous support of individual donors, corporations and foundations.  

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