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Reach Beyond Nahanni River


Susan enjoyed camping, canoeing and enjoying the outdoors from her days as a Girl Guide and then camp counsellor. She also enjoys cycling, sailing and kayaking. She lives with her husband Harold in the Beach which is a wonderful part of Toronto in which to enjoy these activities. Harold works as an engineer specializing in sustainable buildings. He is an active rower, cyclist and sailor.

Harold and Susan have canoed regularly in Ontario, but the Nahanni River will be their first real white-water adventure. Over the years they have traveled regularly and explored many parts of the world with trips that usually involve as much walking and outdoor activities as possible. This time the two will get to explore a new part of Canada.

Harold began his involvement with Outward Bound over 30 years ago. More recently, Susan and Harold have enjoyed dogsledding with Outward Bound, and in 2013 they participated in a Reach Beyond trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. They believe this trip down the Nahanni is a great opportunity to give back to Outward Bound and support its programs for vulnerable youth, veterans and women who have suffered abuse.

For more information on Reach Beyond expeditions please contact Angus Murray via email or by phone at 1-888-688-9273 ext. 229.