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Colin Bunge


Colin Bunge has had Outward Bound and outdoor adventures in his blood for more than 30 years. During university he studied Business and Outdoor Recreation and later followed with an education degree.

During his 12 years at Outward Bound Canada he instructed, course directed, and was the Operations Manager. At Outward Bound New Zealand, he was the Safety Manager and Corporate Programs Manager for 4 years while living with his young family.

He is also a keen canoeist, cross country skier, climber and loves adventuring with his family. Some of his recent expeditions have included the North West Passage with Canada C3, the Nahanni River, and cycle touring in parts of Europe and trekking to Everest Base Camp. When not adventuring with his family he is running a High School Outdoor Ed Program, coaching a youth adventure program and planning the next adventures.

Colin lives in the Gatineau hills near Ottawa and is looking forward to meeting the team that will climb Mt Kilimanjaro together.

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