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Impact Report 2017 coverImpact Report 2017 cover
“The only way you can really grow is to be pushed outside of your comfort zone and to extend your comfort zone. That's basically what Outward Bound does. It makes your comfort zone bigger. You don't know what to expect, you've never done this before, so you don't know if you have the strength or the willpower in you to do it. When you do get it done it's just like, 'wow I can actually do this!'... You get to be proud of yourself... It's an amazing experience.”

– Kiyanaw on Bay of Fundy Discovery


In 1969, Outward Bound Canada ran its first course in Keremeos, B.C. That was nearly 50 years ago, and we've come a long way since then - providing challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world for nearly 175,000 Canadians from coast to coast.

Hot off the press, our 2017 Impact Report aims to update you, our donors, alumni, and friends – on the progress we’ve made, the lives we’ve impacted, and our ability to achieve what we set out to do. This Impact Report showcases our mission test, academic studies affiliated with Outward Bound Canada, as well as profiles on our generous and dedicated supporters and program participants. To learn more about why we do what we do, and our goals for the future, you can read our most recent Impact Report

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Outward Bound Canada currently publishes an impact report every two years. Our next impact report will be published in summer 2019.

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