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Outward Bound Canada offers a variety of outdoor adventure courses for youth, providing an inclusive and supportive environment for participants from diverse cultural, economic, and social backgrounds. Individuals who are respectful, willing to interact positively with their peers and follow instructions are eligible to apply for any of our youth courses.

The Outward Bound experience removes participants from their everyday environment and immerses them in an exciting outdoor adventure where they must draw on their individual strengths and work on a team to strive for success. This model provides them with the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, with others and with nature. In a supportive environment, young people can transform their attitudes, behaviours and beliefs, coming away with a renewed sense of their own potential and self-worth. Students can earn a high school credit on select programs.

Our courses are based on a “challenge by choice” model, where students are strongly encouraged to push themselves and try new experiences. Our instructors are skilled and compassionate coaches who expertly expose youth to new ideas, concepts, tools, strategies and learning styles to help promote healthy lifestyles, attitudes and perspectives; they are not therapists or certified counsellors. Successful students are typically those who willingly approach the experience with energy, openness, a willingness to contribute and the courage to experience immense personal growth.

Students unwilling to participate will not be forced to do so and may be sent home at their family’s expense if they are consistently non-compliant or if they put the safety of themselves or others at risk. Smoking, illegal drug use and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited – students found engaging in any of these activities will be removed from the program.

Youth at Risk Programs for your School, Organization or Community Group

Outward Bound Canada works with organizations to develop custom group programs at their facilities for youth who are in specialized programs. Custom group programming is also offered for youth in underserved communities. Custom school and youth group expeditions are developed based on the needs, goals and objectives of your school/organization and students. Programs can be offered year-round coast to coast.


Outward Bound Canada develops custom group programs in conjunction with organizations that specifically serve vulnerable youth. These programs may be fully or partially funded through the generous support of private donors and several committed corporate partners.

To learn more about our fully funded Connecting With Courage For Girls course, offered new this year, please click here.

If your organization would like to partner with Outward Bound Canada to offer custom group programming please contact:

1.888.OUTWARD (688.9273) Ext. 222


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