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Set out on a journey of personal discovery, push your boundaries, and discover some of the most beautiful landscapes Canada has to offer. Explore the Atlantic coast, kayak around Hopewell Rocks and walk on the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy. Paddle the rivers and lakes of Northern Ontario, and explore the urban parks of Toronto. Backpack through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, ford streams, and camp under the stars. Hike coastal trails on Vancouver Island and mainland BC and admire the breath taking seascapes as you paddle. Find your adventure. Get out. Look in.


What happens on a typical Outward Bound Canada course?

We're often asked what our courses look like day-to-day. To give you an idea before you head out on course, Jill and Ian from our admissions department got together to break down exactly what an Outward Bound Canada course is all about. While our courses vary in content, length and location there are many similarities across all of our programming.


Named one the the seven natural wonders of North America in 2014, the majestic Bay of Fundy on Canada’s Atlantic coast is nature at its best. Experience the breathtaking coastline, the magnificent views, rugged coastal trails and endless adventure it has to offer. Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy is an adventurers dream.

Kayak the world’s highest tides, walk the ocean floor at the world’s lowest tides or watch them rise and fall from the Bay of Fundy’s spectacular coastline. Keep your eyes open to spot the region’s abundance of marine wildlife and migrating birds.


Outward Bound Canada Life Compass courses are designed for young adults who are trying to determine their direction in life.

Whether you are trying to decide on a career path, whether or not to take time off to travel the world, where to live, who your true friends are, what kind of relationship you are looking for or simply how to be your best self – this course will help you figure out your unique talents, what gives you purpose, what personality traits define you and will help you determine who you really want to be, helping you create (or re-create) the life that you truly want.


Step out of the comfort of your day-to-day routine and make your way deep into the breathtaking wilderness of Algonquin Park.  Here you will paddle and portage through the traditional waterways and trails of the oldest provincial park in Canada. You will leave the course having acquired important life skills and knowing how to transfer them to your life back home.

“If you stay in your bubble you’re not able to open your mind and see other things and learn something new about yourself.”


Looking In: Stories of Outward Bound Canada,” is a series of short videos featuring a number of OBC alumni, which explores the idea at the core of our new TV ad: “why did I do this?” Throughout this series we will hear from individuals who have taken part in unforgettable OBC adventures, pushing themselves past their personal boundaries and coming out the other side with a better understanding of themselves and what they are made of. We hope you enjoy these stories, and hope you’ll share with us any stories of your own. #WhyIDidThis #GetOutLookIn


In “Looking In: The Veterans' Program”, we hear from Canadian Military Veterans who are have participated in one of our Veterans' Program courses. Many military men and women struggle with lingering physical and mental impacts of their experiences, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, isolation, family difficulties, and, in general, the challenges that often accompany reintegration into civilian life. Outward Bound Canada's Veterans Programs are specially designed to give participants the opportunity to reflect on and share their experiences and transition challenges in a supportive and restorative environment. #WhyIDidThis #GetOutLookIn

2015/16 PSA

Introducing Outward Bound Canada’s first ever TV ad! We think this ad captures so many aspects of the OBC experience, but most importantly those moments that make it all worth it.

Thanks to Grip Limited and Shaw Communications for making this possible, we can’t wait for even more people across Canada to get to know us and to have an unforgettable OBC experience of their very own! #‎GetOutLookIn

Why did I wait so long to do this?


Get out. Look in. Outward Bound Canada's Toronto & Hamilton Urban Expeditions are 5-day, 4 night adventures that will introduce you to new experiences in the outdoors and start you on an inspiring journey towards realizing all that you're capable of. Climb, canoe, camp, and explore, and challenge yourself all within the city limits. Hear firsthand from participants on one of our summer expeditions in Toronto and learn just how impactful and unforgettable a wilderness adventure in the GTA can be!


We’re excited to share Outward Bound Canada’s newest TV ad! We think this ad captures so many aspects of the OBC experience in just 30 seconds, but most importantly how our outdoor expeditions help people recharge, reconnect, and find their way. Thanks to Grip Limited, Shaw Communications, and PearTree Financial for making this possible - we can’t wait for even more people across Canada to #GetOutLookIn and get to know us better!

When the stars are your compass,
you tend to find your way.


Sea kayak, surf and camp along the beautiful, clear blue waters of Vancouver Island's west coast. This stunning environment, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, a maze of small old-growth cedar covered islands and protected inlets, rocky reefs, sandy beaches, deep fjords and natural hot springs, is an incredible teacher. You will come away from this course having learned how to work effectively with a group, how to feel empowered, and how to be a fair and powerful leader.

"I think everyone should experience this sense of community and discovery."


Our West Coast mainland expeditions will introduce you to new adventures in the outdoors and start you on an inspiring journey to help you to realize all that you are capable of.

Climb, paddle, camp, explore who you are and challenge yourself outdoors while experiencing the rich geological history, diverse vegetation, snow-capped mountain, iridescent waters, abundant wildlife and scenic vistas that all contribute to the immense beauty within the Greater Vancouver area.


Justin participated in our Rocky Mountain Life Compass adventure, and it had a lasting, transformative impact on his life. We spoke with Justin's mother Jenny about how this impact has helped to strengthen the relationship between her and her son, and how his experience with Outward Bound Canada has helped Justin to get on a path to success and to finding his true self. Thanks to Jenny and Justin for sharing their story with us!

"I found myself out there."


“Looking In: The Impacts of Adventure” focuses on some of the many ways that time spent in the wilderness - as part of an Outward Bound Canada adventure - can significantly impact individual growth and personal development. Thanks to Brooke, Josh and Krista for sharing your incredible journeys! You really helped to highlight all the reasons that Outward Bound Canada courses can be incredible, indelible journeys of self-discovery in the natural world. #WhyIDidThis #GetOutLookIn


We continue our series, "Looking In: Stories of Outward Bound Canada," with a closer look at one of Outward Bound Canada's charitable programs, Women of Courage. The courses associated with this program offer women survivors of violence and/or abuse the opportunity to experience adventure in the Canadian wilderness with other women who share a common history, helping them to transition from a position of crisis to a place of strength. Our heartfelt thanks to Suzanne and Cornelia for sharing their moving stories! #WhyIDidThis #GetOutLookIn