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The Stuart Horne Bursary has a mission to provide economic assistance and an array of educational, adventurous, and transformational experiences across Canada to teenagers and young adults from the UK who may never have before had either the option or the chance to participate in such an amazing opportunity.

The Stuart Horne Bursary seeks to support youth by providing and funding scholarships to universities, schools and outdoor leadership programs.

The Stuart Horne Bursary has supported over 100 students in participating in Outward Bound expeditions across Canada.

“After being in such a caring group setting my confidence has come a long way. My time spent reflecting in Canada has helped me accept myself without worrying about other people's judgment. Before this experience I was too scared to answer questions in class but now I am able to give presentations in front of a room full of people. Not only has it helped me in school but also in getting a job, which I never would have had the courage to do before. Along with my new confidence came a sense for taking risks. I’m more willing to put myself outside of my comfort zone so as I can try new things. I feel like this new view on the world has opened me up to even more opportunities and I’m more capable of overcoming any obstacles in my way.”
– Lauren, Stuart Horne Bursary Recipient


Currently the program offers teenagers and young adults the opportunity to join outdoor leadership/wilderness programs, universities and schools in Canada. The aim is to provide transformational experiences by taking recipients out of their normal, routine environment, and supporting them in a space where they can engage with nature, face impactful challenges, and work in a team environment.

Bursaries are awarded to students who have been identified as being those who would benefit most; those who have the potential to succeed but not the means to participate in such an experience on their own. The Stuart Horne Bursary also provides scholarships for teacher’s who have helped these youth in their endeavors.

The Bursary works with an expanding group of charitable organizations which includes: The David Ross Education Trust, Ark, IntoUniversity, Chelsea Academy, Marlborough College Partners Development Team, Success Academies, and various other schools and youth groups.

Watch a video created by Adetayo and Nahyan, two 2015 Stuart Horne Bursary recipients:

You can also read a blog post by Adetayo about his experience.


Stuart Horne was born in 1931 and raised in Shipley, Yorkshire, England. Like many of his family, he was destined to remain content there for the rest of his life; however, a confluence of unintended events - combined with his adventurous and ambitious spirit - pushed him, without any support, to be educated and then prosper in his adopted Canada.

Stuart emigrated to Canada at the age of 17 where he lived for the rest of his life. Canada provided a transformational and enabling experience where he was able to fulfill his potential, but he always maintained much of his Yorkshire roots. The Stuart Horne Bursary honors his life experiences.

“Heather is barely recognizable after her visit to Canada. She has a far more positive attitude to school and to life in general. She smiles, is able to overcome problems and is now working really hard with her teachers to improve her work. It has been wonderful to see the transformation that this experience has had for Heather. Her confidence and resilience have dramatically increased and there is no doubt that her life chances will be so much better as a result. I am very grateful that she was given this amazing opportunity.”
– Head Teacher, Pewsey Vale School


For more information on the Stuart Horne Bursary, please contact Mary Campbell, Bursaries & Scholarships Coordinator, by email or by phone at 1 888 OUTWARD (688 9273) ext. 211