Our Alumni - Bounders Reunion - Scavenger Hunt 2015 - Outward Bound Canada Outward Bound Canada



Bounders across the country are invited to participate in this one-of-a-kind nature hunt. What is a nature hunt? It is just like most scavenger hunts except, instead of searching for planted items, you'll be asked to find and photograph, identify, and/or interact with various elements in nature, engaging in a variety of outdoor activities  and connecting (digitally or in person) with other Bounders along the way. Test your outdoor knowledge and put your trekking and leadership skills to the test, competing and connecting with other Bounders over the course of the day.

Bounders can participate from anywhere in Canada, or around the world. All you'll need is a smartphone and an account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to share your journey. Don't have any account on any of these networks? Email bounders@outwardbound.ca and we can help get you sorted out.


CLARIFICATION: You must an officially registered OBC Bounder to participate. If you are an OBC alumni but have not registered as a Bounder yet please do so here in order to claim any prizes: http://www.outwardbound.ca/getText.asp?type=Pages&ID=118

  • STEP ONE: REGISTER FOR THE HUNT. Simply sign up by joining the Facebook Event page here. Don't have Facebook? No problem, email bounders@outwardbound.ca and just let us know that you'd like to participate.
  • STEP TWO: GO IT ALONE OR FORM YOUR TEAM. Only registered Bounders are eligible to win prizes (and only registered Bounders' can post proof of participation), but that doesn't mean you can't get family and friends to help. If you are going to enlist them, make sure they save the date in calendars too!
  • STEP THREE: AWAIT INSTRUCTIONS. On October 25, 2015 at 12:01am (in your local, Canadian time zone) you will receive an email from Outward Bound Canada with the scavenger hunt checklist. These will be your instructions for the day and instructions include all required scavenger hunt objectives.
  • STEP FOUR: DOCUMENT YOUR HUNT. Once you have the scavenger hunt checklist, it's time to get outdoors and start hunting BUT to win prizes you'll also need a smartphone to help document the experience. Bounders' will be asked to post photos, videos, sound recordings or any other proof of participation that you can gather along the way in order to earn your ballots for the prize draw. 
  • STEP FIVE: COMPLETE THE HUNT. Ensure all entries are posted by a registered Bounder to the event's Facebook page by 11:59pm (local time wherever you are) in order to qualify for the prize draw. Prizes will be drawn and winners announced by November 9th, 2015.


  • GRAND PRIZE: one spot on an 8-day (or less) Outward Bound Canada course (for youth or adults)
  • One of two Arc’teryx Bounders’ Club jackets
  • One of two Icebreaker Bounders’ Club hoodies
  • One of two $50 MEC Gift Certificates
  • One of two $50 Stonz Gift Certificates


  • An email will be sent to you with the nature hunt instructions at 12:01am in your local, Canadian time zone on October 25th (they will also be posted here and on the Facebook page by 9:00am ET)
  • Bounders must document their journey by taking photos, audio recordings, video, or by "checking in" at various points on their cell phone.
  • Bounders must then post their documentation to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #BoundersHunt in order to prove that they have completed all tasks.
  • Bounders get one (1) draw entry for completing all of the minimum, required tasks.
  • Bounders get one (1) extra draw entry for each task they do over and above the minimum required (i.e. if a section asks you to do 2 of 4 activities, you get an (1) extra entry for doing 3 of 4 or another two  (2) entries if you did 4 of 4 activities.
  • All proof of completed activities must be posted, with the #BoundersHunt hashtag, by 11:59pm on October 25, 2015 in the Bounders' respective timezone.
  • For complete rules and regulations click here